Corliss Resources INC was sold to Lehigh Hanson. If your looking for concrete, sand and gravel please visit their website: or call their dispatch office: (253) 891-6680

About Us


Corliss Management Group is a 5th generation family-owned and operated organization that provides real estate development services, property management, financial advisory, and estate and tax management for Corliss holdings. CMG oversees investments in 2,000 acres of land in Pierce and King County, including mineral resources, the Sunrise masterplanned community in South Hill, WA, self-storage, residential multifamily, commercial/retail buildings, and light industrial properties. CMG provides guidance for liquid financial investments, including the management of private lending in real estate.


Scott Corliss

Chair Emeritus

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Eric Corliss


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Steve Corliss


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Bill Schuur

Director and Strategic Advisor

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Todd Butson

Strategic Advisor

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Mark Walsh, CFA

Chief Real Estate Investment Officer

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Charles Farnsworth

Fund Director, 1892 Capital Partners LLC

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Kelly Sheehan, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

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Sloan Clack, DRB, CMCA

Senior Entitlement and Government Relations Manager

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Monica Gildea

Corporate Administrator

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Shawna Williamson

Chief Administrative Officer

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Chantal Kuaea

Venue Manager, The Kelley Farm

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Elise Manaea

Sales and Venue Assistant Manager, The Kelley Farm

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Clare Jasmer

Maintenance Coordinator, The Kelley Farm

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Jordan Cooper, CPA


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Cyd Hatch

Senior Marketing Manager

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Allison Low

Fund Accountant, 1892 Capital Partners

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Emanuel Sifuentes


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Matt Pistole

IT Manager

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Catherine DeGroot

Commercial Property Manager

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Polly Hardisty

Senior Operations and Servicing Administrator, 1892 Capital Partners

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Katia Loshkareva

Property Accounting Manager

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Pamela Regnerus

Property Accountant

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Megan Jenkins

Accounts Payable Administrator

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Colton Williamson

Property Administrator

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What makes us different?


The Corliss family has been doing business in Pierce County for almost a century. We take pride in the communities within which we and our employees’ families live. That is why we have been committed to donate our time and resources to the development of schools and local organizations. We at Corliss Resources believe that our customers are more than just consumers – they are our partners in business. Your success is our success.


We invest in people and communities.
We acquire, develop and finance quality real estate.


  • We seek and pursue new paths
    A legacy of pioneers, inventors, and entrepreneurs lives within all of us.  
    We are opportunistic, open-minded, resourceful, and agile, but not at the expense of others. We seek new opportunities and creative ways to handle them.

  • We build trust
    We are focused on building relationships and trust with stakeholders, including employees, tenants, investors, vendors, and the community. We value relationships over returns and strive to be ethical, genuine, and authentic in all we do.
    Strong, trusting relationships are instrumental to our success which is cultivated through transparency and mutually aligned values.

  • We Find Joy In The Journey
    We have a passion for what we do. While there can be roadblocks we continue to persevere, see the light in the challenging times, and learn from those challenges. We derive a sense of pride from being able to overcome obstacles and challenges as a team.
    Life is challenging. We are grateful for the opportunities and choose to find spirit and fortitude in our journey.


Five generations ago, John H. Corliss began hauling gravel out of the back of his buckboard wagon to service his neighbors. Today John Corliss’s company continues to take pride in helping large and small clients by providing quality aggregates and concrete products to customers.

1892 – John “Doc” Corliss moves from Minnesota to
Sumner and buys the land where the Sumner plant is today.
1919 – Gravel plant constructed in Sumner used by Henry Kaiser to construct local roads. After Kaiser moved out and completed his road projects, John Corliss began washing gravel after he would make his doctor visits. Young Tim Corliss would help his father wash gravel. Tim would then transport sand and gravel to downtown Sumner and pour a foundation for a house, a section of sidewalk, or a city street mixing the concrete in a small portable mixer.
1945 – First two mixers purchased when Harry returns from WWII
1958 – Harry opens a concrete plant in Federal way with partner and friend Doug Clerget.
1966 – Harry Corliss acquires the Weyerhauser sand and gravel lease in Enumclaw from the Moulden family (formally Tougal and Olson) Immediately builds a new concrete batch plant.
1969 – Harry buys 100 acres of property from the Lipoma family just south of Thun Field Airport and opens Puyallup sand and gravel.
1974– Tim Corliss joins Corliss full time
1976 – Scott Corliss joins Corliss full time
1995 – Harry purchases the Sunrise Master Planned Community
2003 – Scott Corliss remodels the Sumner batch plant and builds a state-of-the-art batch plant and maintenance facility.
2003- Eric Corliss comes to work full time at Corliss.
2004 – Harry Corliss officially retires from operations
2005- Steve Corliss comes to work full time at Corliss.
2019 – Tim Corliss Retires
2021 - Corliss Resources INC sold to Lehigh Hanson