Corliss Resources INC was sold to Lehigh Hanson. If your looking for concrete, sand and gravel please visit their website: or call their dispatch office: (253) 891-6680

Sunrise Town Center

Sunrise Master Planned Community (15807 134th Ave E)

South Hill, Washington

Sunrise Town Center

This 10-acre commercial center lies within Sunrise and is available now for a built-to-suit or ground lease. This commercial center will serve as the hub of the Sunrise Master Planned Community.

10 Acres

In Design

Sunrise Master Planned Community

Nestled within the vibrant Sunrise Master Planned Community, this 10-acre commercial center presents an exceptional opportunity to establish a thriving business. Surrounded by over 3000 single-family homes and 500+ apartments, this prime location offers a captive audience of residents within close proximity. Positioned as the hub of the Sunrise Master-Planned Community, this commercial center holds the potential to become a bustling destination for convenient goods and services. Whether through a built-to-suit arrangement or a ground lease, businesses can tailor their space to meet their specific needs and cater to the demands of the community. With a large residential population in the immediate vicinity, businesses within this commercial center have the advantage of a built-in customer base. Residents will benefit from the convenience of having a variety of services, shops, and amenities right on their doorstep, fostering a sense of community and enhancing their overall living experience.