Corliss Resources INC was sold to Lehigh Hanson. If your looking for concrete, sand and gravel please visit their website: or call their dispatch office: (253) 891-6680

Junction Park

2313-2319 E Pioneer

Puyallup, Washington

Junction Park

This is a Puyallup industrial park complex.

3.16 Acres



Junction Park, located at 2313-2319 E Pioneer in Puyallup, Washington, is a vibrant and thriving industrial park complex. As a finished and held investment, this property serves as the home to a diverse range of businesses and establishments, contributing to the dynamic commercial landscape of the area. Within the Junction Park complex, you will find an array of businesses and services that cater to various industries. Watts Mueller, Cross Fit, Riot Dance Center, Vrieze and Olson Custom Woodworking, Kassel Motorsports, and SS Controls are just a few of the notable tenants that call this industrial park their home.